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Some things don’t seem to change, that is the quality of some work I’ve been seeing. I am wondering if perhaps it has something to do with hurricane Ivan. It’s been over 3 years and some of those homes repaired are likely up for sale again. This is another picture of a poorly installed kick out flashing and a homemade extension.

Flashing extension


While entering a crawlspace during a home inspection here in Pensacola, FL I couldn’t help but notice a rank odor. The odor was strong enough to pierce my breathing apparatus. It didn’t take long to see someone had done some plumbing work under the home and didn’t bother cleaning up. By the looks of things it has been some time since work was done.

The picture is not very clear, what it shows is old wet fiberglass insulation laying on top of some broken drain cast pipes. Once I realized what was gong on, I exited and requested they call me to make an appointment to finish the crawlspace portion of the inspection after it was no longer a health concern.

Health concersn

At an inspection yesterday all flashing and window sealants looked terrible. I expected to find lots of damage. Though I did get some elevated moisture readings, I probed to find no damage under windows or kick out flashings.Here is a picture of how someone added a kick out flashing.

kick out flashing


At an inspection yesterday out in the country, I found some nearly empty barrels of some unknown fluids stored in the pump house. While going into the crawlspace the first thing I noticed was a familiar site, black beams and joists. I assume it’s creosote but recommend they make sure it’s disposed of properly before closing.

I know that creosote is not good for us or our environment, however, I don’t recall seeing termite problems in any of these creosote covered crawlspaces.