Stucco Gypsum board

A home inspection today revealed bad news for the home. I’m sure most people are familiar with different types of stucco. For a short time in this area some builders used gypsum board (a form of sheetrock) as the exterior sheathing and installed a stucco finish coat over the outside. Typically this gypsum was used in combination with plywood or OSB board as the structural panels. As you can imagine, when it gets wet, problems arise quickly. This 8 year old property has no evidence of damage today, but I’m afraid it’s a matter of time.

The view of this panel is from the attic.

Remember to always get a home and stucco inspection. Beauty is sometimes more than skin deep!

Behind the Stucco

  1. uohaa

    Great Information,Thanks you for the Great topic!
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  2. Informative post!

    I agree that periodic maintenance is a must since it is cheaper than waiting for the time when your structure is totally damaged.

  3. I enjoyed reading your posts. you have some very good advice there. I have been a state of Florida certified general contractor since the year 1973 and I am also a registered FHA home inspector. Over the years I have done maybe thousands of in progress inspections but I understand the importance of proper training for the art of completed and existing project inspections.

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