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Current building guidelines require no more than 6 main service disconnects in a main panel.

During this home inspection, there were a total of 8 found. This is not to mention other problems found inside the panel. In order to correct this deficiency , they will need to install a sub panel next to the main which will cost several hundred dollars. This is likely the reason they did not add the panel in the first place.


These foundation piers found installed under a home are another good example of why you need a home inspection!
This home had been maintained by the good meaning home owners. Cinder blocks should not be installed on their sides when used used for support. I found a few of these blocks have cracks and are ready to split and fail holding the home up.

Foundation Piers

Most of the remaining blocks have settled due to improper footings and are leaning, allowing the home to do the same.

These repairs will run thousands of dollars$$$