Each of our inspectors owns their home and knows what a buyer encounters while in the process of purchasing a new home. We have collectively inspected over 6000 homes in  Alabama and Florida.

Our primary service area is South Baldwin County, AL to Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties in FL

When I’m not inspecting homes my favorite past time is fighting fires and responding to my communities needs as a first responder with my wife. If you don’t already volunteer to help someone, please do, it will help you the most

I recently returned from Texas where I became certified as an Extrication Specialist (Jaws of Life) and received my instructors certificate for the same.


My wife Laura just became an EMT and has made it to Lieutenant in our fire department


  1. Dad

    Very nice letter.
    I can see where it might take some time to develop.

  2. Bob Rebera

    nice information in your website…..you appear to be a very dedicated person and someone that we need in the inspection business and someone that will and has made a difference in life. I inspect FHA properties in Ohio & PA and I enjoy reading and listening(learning) from other folks in the business. I do a ton of carbon monoxide testing and I work primarily now in the HVAC business.

  3. orlando salinas

    hi there! im orlando salinas a reporter with the fox newschannel/fnc… the national cable news org! today is monday aug 31– around 1150pm–

    im hoping you might be able to help me:

    my editorial NY boss says”

    “theres a guy in florida who had a jelly type paint that you could cover your house with to prevent it from burning… see if he’s still around”

    does that sound correct?

    i saw your site here on a google search and figured ‘why not ask’

    my email is: salinas@foxnews.com
    my phone is 305 495 9733

    this is time sensitive– we are doing stories related to the wildfires in california!
    thanks for your help!

  4. I am a state of Florida certified general contractor since the year 1973. I had occasion several years ago to be part of a retrofit project a Ft. Lauderdale International airport. Part of the scope of work was to apply a fire proofing paint. It was called “intumescent” paint (not sure of the spelling here) might be entumescent it is correct phonically anyway.

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