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Kevin did this home inspection on a brand new home in the Foley, AL area. While traversing the attic he found this damaged structural framing member a.k.a. a Truss

Damaged truss new home

You can clearly see the break in the truss and someone attempted to fix it with 2 nails, then bent the nails over to hold it together.

All repairs to engineered lumber must have a letter or engineering stamp indicating that the repair has been approved.


The home inspection we did the other day had a beautiful looking pool with an interesting deck surrounding it. As we were inspecting the pool, we couldn’t help but notice the deck sagging with a few broken boards in a few areas.

The deck was built so low to the ground complete viewing was not possible. Much of the deck had been shimmed with left over pieces of 2×4’s and larger.

It’s time to rebuild the deck!

Plumbers helpers

This home I inspected the other day had some normal “plumbers helpers” items. I can picture this clearly, the plumber is setting the toilet in this brand new home. He realizes the floor joists are in the way. What would you do, of course, cut the floor joists. Call for your helper and tell him to get the saw.

They are not structural engineers and therefore don’t realize they need to put a support underneath or the new owners might be taking a “dump into the crawlspace” (a little play on words)

Cut joists