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Faulty GFCI breaker

Faulty GFCI outlets and breakers are very common here. High salt content in the air seems to be a big enemy.


During this home inspection the other day, I walked into the master bathroom to find a hair dryer, plugged in and sitting inside the sink. This is just one reason why we have safety devices. People not using their heads. I checked the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI’s) circuits and found it working in the outlet and in the dryer itself.   Still…

Testing GFCI\'s


Here is a question I’m frequently asked. “Do I need Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter devices (GFCI) even though my home isn’t new.”

My Answer:
Absolutely! Today GFCI electrical outlets are required in all wet areas around the home, i.e., kitchens, and baths, garages, basements and on the exterior of the home. Whenever we perform a home inspection on an older home (pre-1990’s) and they are not installed, we do recommend an upgrade. They are an inexpensive way to protect your family from electrocution when using electrical devices around water.

There are several different types and styles available which is a topic for another day.