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As I have discussed before safety is always a concern during home inspections. Whether I’m in a crawlspace with vermin and mold, a roof too steep or too high to climb and some wild animal life around the home there is always some danger.

The other day I encountered all of these at one inspection.

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This building was being guarded by an alligator and shark!


We are often confronted with potential unsafe conditions.



Whether it’s entering crawlspaces under homes or trying to make it through a golf tournament.













You just never know all the Things We Do.

This may be a little unorthodox for most, but we do live in a country full of inventive people. I kind of think of this as a Redneck Bidet.


Are you wondering how that cold water feels!

This well meaning home owner didn’t know anything about installing traps under his newly remodeled bathroom sink.

All kinds of problems can arise from this. Including…sewer odors, poor drainage and other unsanitary results.

There are lots of rules to follow when installing sink drains and vents.

For some more basic information I often review ASHI web site





Newer building dictates that there is a catch pan under the water heater if a leak will damage the interior materials and belongings.

I believe these folks misunderstood and inserted the can under the pipe over the water heater

Maybe they were getting ready to make an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) and just needed to add some hot water?



You don’t have to be a Home Inspector to think something might be wrong with this sink drain. Just in case, there is a huge bottle of “Drain O” of some sort under the sink.

These corrugated pipes are becoming popular here. It seems to me it is a great way to create bacteria and other health problems as it can’t drain completely.










Below is an example what a proper sink drain should look like.


plumbing traps



Venting another pet peeve,

A strong majority of homes inspected here on the Gulf Coast of Alabam and Florida have attic access where it’s most difficult to get to. It seems like most 2,3 and 4 story homes have a small scuttle hole in a bedroom or closet. That means you need to carry the ladder up and down all those flights. Every step is another chance to hit something with the ladder. Then, after arriving there it’s typical to fiond the attic has not been accessed and a few inches of blown in inuslation falls into your eyes and eventually makes it on the floor for cleaning up later.

Attic access

Attic access


Most single story homes here have pull down attic stairs for quick easy access. Obviously no cleaning or stair climbing to be done. I joke around with some folks and tell them it’s because builders want to pay home inspectors back for calling out inferior work.

As you can see from this picture taken a few days ago, not only did I navigate 4 floors I also became a mover of furniture and belongings.