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The home inspection we did the other day had a beautiful looking pool with an interesting deck surrounding it. As we were inspecting the pool, we couldn’t help but notice the deck sagging with a few broken boards in a few areas.

The deck was built so low to the ground complete viewing was not possible. Much of the deck had been shimmed with left over pieces of 2×4’s and larger.

It’s time to rebuild the deck!


While inspecting this pool recently I had a friendly reminder, look before you leap. I started inspecting the leaf basket and drain, while lifting the top off I peeked under to find a frog giving a ride to a spider.

Frog rider

Remember to look first while cleaning your pool

WE were told that the pool company had fixed the pool and the closing was set for that afternoon. The buyer requested we check out the pool before closing…So we ran out to the home to find the pool water level was still to low to inspect it or the equipment. If you look close enough at these picture you can see the old and new water level had changed in the past few days.

Water level

Looks like they may need a new liner.