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The more I use my infrared camera, the more problems I find and the bigger the benefit for everyone concerned. I have discovered it is not a perfect tool, but it is a great aid in detecting some problems. I currently use it mainly for moisture intrusion problems. Typically any home I suspect has a water problem, I will take my camera out of the car and use it. Between my infrared camera, moisture meter, and experience of inspecting thousands of homes, I get a little more comfortable with it and so should the buyers.

The digital picture on the left (top) looks normal as you view underneath the window banks. The infrared picture on the right (bottom) shows dark stains inside the wall as a result of moisture getting into the wall cavity and rearranging the insulation. Since the insulation has been moved, it created a difference in temperature, which is what we actually see.

DC_0631 IR_0630


Some people don’t seem to understand the reasoning behind flashing. It’s a must to properly flash or you can / will end up with water inside the home. At a home inspection in Gulf Shores, Al I found a home made kick out flashing installed which is not keeping water out of the home.


Improper kick out flashing

Improper kick out flashing

This home is a victim of tradesman that either don’t know better or just don’t care

At an inspection yesterday all flashing and window sealants looked terrible. I expected to find lots of damage. Though I did get some elevated moisture readings, I probed to find no damage under windows or kick out flashings.Here is a picture of how someone added a kick out flashing.

kick out flashing

While doing a stucco moisture inspection in Gulf Shores, AL the other day they had some interesting kick out flashings. (at least they had them)  They are a home made brand that will hold any and all debris and water from completely draining. These flashings will need to be cleaned out more than the gutters will. I can see debris and salt water / air shouldn’t take long to rust through these.

Kick out detail